Coffee Hour #71, September 30, 2021: John opens the meeting with greetings to all. Show-n-tell was the focus today, so enjoy the sharing of ideas and projects!
– Kai talks Axminster chucks all the way from Germany! (Hallo nochmal, Kai, und vielen Dank, dass du dein Drechschnähr-Know-how mit uns geteilt hast!)
– Welcome to a new member: John Chalikian
– Kathy shows her lit-up urchin
– John shows his balusters installed
– Ken has a black cherry bowl
– Randy writes about his Freedom Pens
– Dave has a big cherry bowl
– Doug finishes up with his Parrot Gallery

Coffee Hour #72, October 7, 2021. John starts with Show-n-tell, as
– Ernie shows a carved helix
– Ray shows his Record Mini Chuck
– Barry has a disk chuck
– Roy shows his wee box
– John shows pill bottles
– Bill has a yarn bowl
– Randy talks about his Freedom Pens
– Michael has some hollow globes
– Bruce discusses multiaxis turning
– Randy has some safety tips
– Ken talks about Jim Finley and his untimely death doing tree work at his home.