Coffee Hour #61, June 10, 2021: In this Woodturners Coffee Hour video, we had a hybrid meeting with some members in the actual room and others on Zoom. We’re learning how to do this!
Coffee Hour #62, June 17, 2021: Video starring Josh Friend, editor of AmericanWoodturner, our AAW Journal, plus a cameo appearance by Don McIvor, editor of our online Woodturning Fundamentals. Josh shows his own work at the lathe, then takes questions from the room. It’s an excellent peek at how our AAW Journal operates, and how you can participate.

AAW is hosting a series of three club panel discussions on how to hold hybrid meetings as the pandemic recedes, I’ve been invited to participate in the third and last of these on July 1, representing the “power Zoom”: position. To prepare for that we’ve published a YouTube clip from our June 3 Coffee Hour, a 15-minute tour of our Zoom video setup, here’s the link to that: 

Coffee Hour #63, June 24, 2021: Proved out our show-n-tell setup, we can present from the room and from Zoom on an equal basis, see and be seen, hear and be heard. John Kelsey explained the logic behind our setup, then we did show n tell with strong participation both from the Zoomists and those present in the room. And we showed-and-told some interesting and amusing stories about our turning adventures! Enjoy! By the way, Woodturners, our Coffee Hour switches to a new summer schedule, as we will be doing calls every other week, not weekly. Next call, July 8! Look for the invitation, or if you’d like one, leave a note through the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website.
Coffee Hour #64, July 8, 2021: This week we had another successful hybrid gathering, with members in the room at Kauffman Kitchens in New Holland, and members participating on Zoom. In addition to the normal sharing of woodturning projects, the topic of the day was Summer Reading, here are a few of the books discussed:
The Butterfly Effect by Edward D Melilla
Bill Jones’ Notes from the Turning Shop
Further Notes from the Turning Shop (Bill Jones)
The Age of Wood, by Roland Ennos
The Revolutionary Genius of Plants by Stefano Mancuso

Summer Schedule, no Coffee Hour on July 15, next Coffee Hour is July 22, 2021 10 am, watch for the link.
Coffee Hour #65, July 22, 2021: We’re on summer hours, with Woodturners Coffee Hour every second Thursday – Next coffee hour will be Thursday, August 5 2021 at 10 am.
Coffee Hour #66, August 5, 2021: Reminder that we’re on summer hours, with Woodturners Coffee Hour every second Thursday – Next coffee hour will be Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 10 am. This week featured a show-n-tell session with a great discussion on how to price turning jobs:
Coffee Hour #67: August 19, 2021:This is one you have to see. Incredible examples of creativity abound – one of our best Hours!
Coffee Hour #68, September 2, 2021: Show ‘n tell featuring Ron’s fluted bowl, Jeff’s wormy walnut, Bruce playing with colorful resins, Dave’s sandblasting questions, Larry’s bowl with big bored holes, Randy making Freedom Pens for troops, Barry’s purpleheart fluted platter, Jeff’s 2 bowls, and Jim’s motorized 4-ball gizmo.
Coffee Hour #69, September 16, 2021: opens with Ernie’s short video about Axminster chucks, leading into an excellent general discussion of scroll chucks. Show-n-tell featuring Jim, offset illusions; Dave Stain & sandblast 2; Barry & using a pressure washer; Barry & his shopmade steady; Ken & 3 holiday ornaments; Roy’s walnut bowl; Jack’s snowman ornament, Bruce’s Sputnik ornament; Mike’s birdhouse ornament & box.
Coffee Hour #70, September 23, 2021: John opens the meeting with greetings to all as we hit the big 70!
Show-n-tell was the focus today, so enjoy the sharing of ideas and projects!
Jim: Box, gears, tips
Randy: Pen tube tips
Garold: Square bowl
Kai: Making sanding disks
Bill: Bowl, 2-neck vase
Lloyd: Jackfruit vase
Ken: Osage egg