Coffee Hour & Club Meeting Videos

Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury.

The Coffee Hour and Club Meeting videos are created by LAW members for your enjoyment. Please let us know (through the Comments Page) what topics you’d like to see, or if you have videos from your club that you’d like to share. Zoom has had a wonderfully positive impact on the Lancaster Area Woodturner’s community, as we’ve continued to offer online access to our weekly Coffee Hours and Monthly meetings to an audience that literally stretches across the globe. As such, we have had numerous requests come in asking about our Zoom setup – looking to get detail on the cameras, microphones, switchers, lighting, the layout of the shop, and much more. Attached is a highly comprehensive document assembled by John Kelsey, Resident Zoom Czar.

Note that the videos, previously all on one page, have been organized into multiple pages. Please choose which Coffee Hour (Weekly) or Club Meeting (Monthly) you would like to view through the drop-down menu below this page on the menu bar.

Legal stuff: All rights reserved to the video talent and creators of the videos. Please practice safe turning at all times. If you have any questions pertaining to the subject matter in these videos, feel free to reach out to us through the Comments Page and we’ll get back to you pronto!