Coffee Hour #131, December 15, 2022: Moderator John Kelsey shows a short video of Lancaster Woodturners recent Open Shop at our club meeting space in New Holland. Kai Koethe shows a terrific PowerPoint about turning brass ferrules with locking setscrews, for shop-made woodturning tool handles, generating extensive discussion about turning soft metals on the wood lathe using scrapers and carbide tools. Ron Sheehan collaborates with Sara Crill to core four (!) superb blanks from a large burly growth. Ron shows one of the bowls he made with fantastic wood figure, and Sara showed photos of the coring process.

Here’s the full hour video from Woodturners Coffee Hour #131, Dec 15 2022.
At a recent Lancaster Woodturners Open Shop at our club meeting space in New Holland, more than a dozen turners attended. The club now holds Open Shop second Saturday of each month, 9 am to 1 pm. All are welcome = email us through the contact form if you’d like to attend.
Coming to us from Germany, Kai Koethe shows a terrific PowerPoint about turning brass ferrules with locking setscrews, for shop-made woodturning tool handles. Extensive discussion about turning soft metals on the wood lathe using scrapers and carbide tools.
Coffee Hour #132, December 29, 2022: Last coffee hour of the old year!
Moderator John Kelsey shows current experiments with small turned boxes that close with magnets.
John Chalikian, contemplating the purchase of a new Grizzly lathe, introduces a lively discussion of current lathes on the market, Chinese vs Taiwanese vs American manufacturing.
Toby Bouder shows a turning from a Kentucky coffee tree he planted many years ago, kicking off a chat about planting trees on your property for harvesting later on.
Ray Simmons brings news of a small powered carver from Ryobi, and shows off his new metric-US folding rule from Veritas.
Ted Lattrell shows a replica cannon he and his son turned, which fired potatoes across his fields on a charge of hair spray, yikes what a project!
Jim Bowman has a great tip on sorting out cheesy plastic buttons on a lathe, along with a tip for freeing epoxy castings using cold and heat.
Randy Smith invites members to join the Susquehanna club at the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg, later in January 2023, to demonstrate turning and talk to interested attendees.
And a Happy New Year to all!
Coffee Hour #133, January 5, 2023: This week we continued our discussion of magnet boxes, with interesting examples shown by Bill Tat and Dave Landers. Then curling rocks made into cremation urns by Burt Delisle, and a Christmas sale report from Toby Bouder, who rented a storefront for a few weekends along with other members of the PA Guild of Craftsmen.
Coffee Hour #134 for January 12, 2023: Don Smith leads off with a double-sided magnet box, and a string of spindle-turned beads, leading into a general discussion of spindle gouges, bowl gouges, hook and ring tools, and the infamous French bedan. Clifton explains how to shape, temper, and harden a hook tool from O1 tool steel, using a grinder and MAPP torch. Dave Delo introduces his improved dust Colle lion system, with a bell-mouth velocity stack on the business end of the hose, which increases the intake velocity and also the range of the system. Bert Delisle shows a segmented sphere-shaped urn he’s working toward the goal of urns shaped like golf balls and baseballs. Bert also used magnets to make a cord reel for tidying the electronic desktop.
Coffee Hour #135 for January 19, 2023: Another fun-filled hour of shared ideas, techniques, and tools. Don’t miss two provocative attachments: (1) Ernie’s drawing of hook and ring tools and (2) Barry’s contribution to ideal airflow.
Coffee Hour #136 for January 26, 2023: Grab a cup of joe and some biscuits and watch the interchange of some great ideas.
Coffee Hour #137 for February 2, 2023: And yet another hour of shared ideas, techniques, and tools.
Coffee Hour #138 for February 9, 2023: There’s a theme to this hour, plus a few attachments continuing the discussion of optimal air movement for dust collection systems.
Coffee Hour #139 for February 16, 2023: Spring is around the corner (at least it is here in Lancaster!) and this week’s Hour was a joy to be part of – so we hope you enjoy it too!
Coffee Hour #140 for February 23, 2023: Mike shows a shop-made work-holding arm. Kai’s sandblasting slideshow kicks off an extensive discussion of respiratory safety. Judy asks how to hollow the inside shoulder of a vessel, lots of great tips and tools offered. John K shows two recent magnet boxes in his ongoing series. Jim wonders when to discard “used” sandpaper. Tools that are almost sharp will almost cut. 
We learn that the great woodturner John Jordan passed on Feb. 28. He was a wonderful friend to this club…Below is a link to the interview slideshow we did with John in 2021.