The LAW Monthly Challenge was originally introduced by Jaunine F.

As a highly accomplished science teacher and outstanding woodturner, Jaunine’s idea of the monthly challenge was to take us out of our comfort zone(s) and make something we might not ordinarily turn to learn new skills, while expanding our collective woodturning horizons.

A teacher in Earth and Space Sciences, Astronomy, Physics, and Environment and Ecology, Jaunine has also served as a Lead Teacher Mentor and Science Department Chair, is certified in General Science and Earth and Space sciences, and is infusing STEAM, design thinking, coding, and maker spaces throughout her district. She is a NASA Preferred Educator and has participated in several educator projects including the Jet Propulsion Lab’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission. Her contributions to LAW have been outstanding, showing masterful creativity that is refreshing and inspiring to all.

On this page is the complete list of 2024 Challenges; Challenge pictures, links, documents, videos or anything else pertaining to the LAW 2024 Monthly Challenge will be added as the year progresses.

2024 Lancaster Area Woodturners Monthly Challenges

January: Kitchen Item- Make an item that is to be used in the kitchen, not a bowl or plate.

February: Figured Wood- Turn an object to show off the natural beauty of the wood's grain

March: Inlay- Use inlay as an embellishment in your turning

April: April Fool- Turn an object that is foolish, comically, or just plain useless

May: Green Turning- Create something from freshly cut wood

June: Jigs- Show your own shop-made jigs and the items they make

July: Flying object- Make a flying object to be flown at the club summer picnic. Whose creation can fly the highest?

August: Ocean- Use the ocean as inspiration for this month's challenge

September: Platters- Make a platter, plate, or other flat creation

October: Indexing- Turn an object that's construction utilizes the lathe's indexing wheel

November: Lidded Box- Create a wooden box with a fitted lid

December: Illumination- Incorporate light into a turned object