LAW Monthly Challenge – 2022

The LAW Monthly Challenge was originally introduced by Jaunine F.

As a highly accomplished science teacher and outstanding woodturner, Jaunine’s idea of the monthly challenge was to take us out of our comfort zone(s) and make something we might not ordinarily turn to learn new skills, while expanding our collective woodturning horizons.

A teacher in Earth and Space Sciences, Astronomy, Physics, and Environment and Ecology, Jaunine has also served as a Lead Teacher Mentor and Science Department Chair, is certified in General Science and Earth and Space sciences, and is infusing STEAM, design thinking, coding, and maker spaces throughout her district. She is a NASA Preferred Educator and has participated in several educator projects including the Jet Propulsion Lab’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission. Her contributions to LAW have been outstanding, showing masterful creativity that is refreshing and inspiring to all.

On this page is the complete list of 2022 Challenges; Challenge pictures, links, documents, videos or anything else pertaining to the LAW 2022 Monthly Challenge will be added as the year progresses.

January: Inside Out - Turn an object using the Inside/Outside Technique where multiple pieces of wood are turned together, individually rotated, and then turned again. 
February: Repeated Pattern or Texture - Add texture or a pattern to a turned object. 
March: Salt and Pepper - Turn a pair of salt and pepper shakers, could match or could be opposites that work together. 
April: April Fools' - Turn something ridiculous, useless, or otherwise foolish. 
May: Spring in Bloom - Turn a flower or flowers in wood. 
June: Not Just Wood - Create a turning that is made from at least 50% of a material that isn't wood. 
July: Flying Saucer - Turn a flying disc or something that can fly and demonstrate its flight at the Summer Picnic. 
August: Animals - Turn an animal, insect, fish, bird, etc. 
September: Segmentember - Turn something using segmenting technique, complicated or simple. 
October: (Hollow)-een - Turn something using hollowing techniques. Could be small opening, one piece hollowing or a hollowing made by turning multiple pieces and gluing them together. 
November: Multi-Axis - Turn something using more than one axis of rotation. 
December: Picture This - Turn a picture frame or other wall hanging.