Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #201 May 9, 2024

John Kelsey: Amtrak Setup, May 10. Learning opportunities for all that participated. Fun with canes; multi-functional cane.
Mark Skinner: Honey locust worktable.
Stew Bremner: Manitoba maple burl/epoxy work-in-progress with a design opportunity, followed by extended conversation regarding epoxy pieces…WHY???
All Zoomers: General discussion regarding epoxy turning, including Jimmy Clewes Mega Mate hollowing tools and related tool types. Also, refer
to Edmonton Club YouTube when Stew demonstrated flood coating
epoxy pieces.
John Ziegler: ‘How’d it go?’ at LAWA 5/7/24 meeting featuring extended ‘Show & Tell’ with open forum discussing turning challenges and solutions..
Jonathan Wilson: Comparison between Mahoney’s Oil and Osmo Top Oil.
Kai Köthe: ‘Sphere Madness,’ featuring a 12” diameter turned yew root.

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #202 May 16, 2024

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #203 May 23, 2024

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #204 May 30, 2024

John Ziegler: Notice regarding September 7th (Saturday after Labor Day),
Lancaster Music Fest, during which LAWA will be seeking volunteers to showcase woodturning between 12:00 and 5:00 (simple pieces such as tops).
LAWA June meeting to feature jigs; In-person and Zoomers, please bring your jigs and discuss, as the meeting will be dedicated to showcasing jigs used on and off the lathe.
Notice regarding June 22 and 23; Ernie Conover will be at Kauffman’s Kitchens (LAWA meeting location). Saturday session will feature Ernie at the lathe for ‘soup-to-nuts’ tutorials from lathe safety, sharpening, tools, turning, etc. Sunday session will feature hands-on for up to 10 turners (two turners per lathe), with Ernie offering spindle and bowl turning lessons and insights.
John Kelsey: Turned or not??? Slide show from recent attendance at the
International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF).
Ray Simmons: Small Richlite jewelry dish, using Lindow Machine Works Rose Engine.
John Ziegler: Recent videos of the LAWA display at the Lancaster Train Station and discussion.
Reminder: LAWA members wishing to have their work shown online should send photos to
David Hudgell: Oak burl piece. Manitoba maple (box elder) bowl. Red cedar bowl.
Question: how to best preserve the white color of the wood on these pieces. Suggestions include Krylon AV Inhibitor gloss spray, lacquer, Osmo Top Oil, and marine spar varnish (will help keep the red colors red).
John Chalikian: Small walnut bowl (with perpetual rough spot). Blue-dyed applewood bowl. Blue-dyed applewood ‘magic wand,’ with ongoing challenge to avoid spiral grooves in skew chisel work. 14” applewood platter.
Doug Reesor: 100-year-old cedar from the Ontario Seagram’s factory; emerging Seagram’s whiskey bottle with laser-printed label. The first piece
turned fine, but second piece presenting significant chipping issues. Ensuing discussion about how to reduce the chipping include soaking in water, oil, Mahony’s Walnut =Oil, PC-Petrifier ® wood hardener, and soaking in Seagram’s whiskey.