LAW passes Coffee Hour #100, see #101 & #102 for great show-and-tell, technical discussions, and some laughs!

Zoom Setup for our Coffee Hours

Zoom has had a wonderfully positive impact on the Lancaster Area Woodturner’s community, as we’ve continued to offer online access to our weekly Coffee Hours and Monthly meetings to an audience that literally stretches across the globe. As such, we have had numerous requests come in asking about our Zoom setup – looking to get detail on the cameras, microphones, switchers, lighting, layout of the shop and much more. Attached is a highly comprehensive document assembled by John Kelsey, Resident Zoom Czar.

The Lancaster Area Woodturners are now in hybrid mode, meeting online and in person at Kauffman Kitchens, 250 Commerce Dr, New Holland at 7:00pm Eastern on the first Tuesday of every month. Our Coffee Hour is meeting every Thursday at 10:00am Eastern for a provocative and entertaining hour of shared shop talk, humor and woodturning education. You can see previous Zoom Coffee Hours in the ‘Coffee Hour & Club Mtg Videos’ tab above.

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We’re also looking into sponsoring on-line expert demonstrations with live Q/A, by nationally recognized woodturning experts and artists. If you’d like to join us – even if you are not a member of LAW – just send a note in the ‘Comments’ section of this website and we’ll send you a link to our upcoming on-line events. If you’d like to join LAW, our annual dues are $30 – a great value as we provide endless resources to help you sharpen your woodturning skills. Check out our ‘About Us’ page for the LAW membership application, click on the download button below or send us a note through the ‘Comments’ section and we’ll email you more information on joining.

Located in beautiful Lancaster County, PA, in the heart of our nation’s original Amish Country, our members range from those just beginning to explore the world of woodturning to established professionals.

We find that with changing technology and new approaches there is always something to learn. There is usually someone in the club that has tried that new technique or is ready to show a new idea. Sitting next to you is probably someone that has tried that new tool or has the old school version in their shop.

Woodturners, you will find, are some of the most sharing craftspeople you will meet. Whether it is a piece of wood, a tool or a technique, woodturners share their knowledge and work hard to preserve and promote the craft of woodturning.

We have members that have turned furniture pieces, architectural pieces, toys, treenware, segmented, art, utility, ornamental, and many many items just for fun. We turn on Oneway, Nova, Robust, Powermatic, Craftsman, Laguna, Jet, Stubby and grandpa’s lathe.

What others see in Lancaster County.
What woodturners see in Lancaster County.

A big thanks to the Kauffman Kitchens Team for providing us meeting space –

Kauffman Kitchens
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