Coffee Hour #141, March 2, 2023

Tribute to John Jordan
Coffee Hour #142, March 9, 2023

Coffee Hour #143, March 16, 2023

Coffee Hour #144, March 23, 2023: Bruce Lamb and Jim Bowman did a great job moderating the hour, featuring extensive discussion of feather figure in wood, how to saw for it, and turn for maximum impact.

Coffee Hour #145, March 30, 2023: This week’s on-location coffee hour was from Hendersonville NC with former Journal editor Rick Mastelli. Rick sent a slew of links to woodturning and spoon carving, which appear below the video. 

Carved Bowls with Bengt Lidströ
Swiss Cooperage with Reudi Kohler

Carving Wood Spoons by Rick Mastelli

  • A Bowl Turning System by Luke Mann
  • American Woodturner Vol. 13, No 1; Spring 1998
  • Designing Rims by Luke Mann
  • American Woodturner Vol 9, No2; June 1994
  • Decorative Bleaching by Betty Scarpino
  • American Woodturner Vol. 11, No 2; June 1996
  • Turned Door Stops by Michael Hosaluk
  • American Woodturner Vol. 13, No 1; Spring 1998
  • Turned Box Design by Remi Verchot (the 17, not 21-year-old who turned the black pearwood sculpture)
  • American Woodturner Vol. 13, No 1; Spring 1998
Coffee Hour #146, April 6, 2023

Coffee Hour #147, April 13, 2023

Coffee Hour #148, April 20, 2023

Coffee Hour #149, April 27, 2023: Long discussion of epoxy brands to use in woodturning, deep pour epoxy, and epoxy techniques. Wood projects for quilters knitters and fiber artists. Tippy tops. Twisted streptohedron. Black birch bowl. Cherry burl, dyed wood, natural edge cherry bowl. Lancaster woodturning club setup for hybrid meetings.

Coffee Hour #150, May 4, 2023: Lathe spindle height, platforms for c classroom lathes. Stool with a carved seat and four turned legs. Turned boxes, threaded boxes, spalted wood, turned box design. Magic trick with hidden strings. Boxmaster negative rake scrapers for woodturning. Edmonton Zoom setup for demos.