Coffee Hour #31: Barry’s revised helix jig, Gochnauer’s wood turning, Mark teaches a visitor, root bowl by Jim, Larry’s downed oak, Jack’s birdhouse ornaments, Roy’s latest goblet.
Coffee Hour #32: Ray leads wood drying discussion, Kai slideshow on humming tops, tour Ron’s workshop and woodturning collection, see Judy’s cherry and maple turnings, good discussion of thickness and heft in turned wood art.
Coffee Hour #33 – November 19-2020: Workshops, clutter, and too much wood; Stubby lathe. Video premiere: Ben Likes Walnut featuring Lancaster member Ben Kauffman, his shop. and work. Barry’s new spiral jig in action. Mark’s opalescent inlay. Ernie fells a leaning tree.
Coffee Hour #34 – December 3-2020: Making small woodturning tools; CBN grinder safety; Kai repairs cracked calabash bowl with butterflies, aka pewas; general discussion of repairing cracks and splits; sharpening the skew chisel; three intriguing holiday ornaments.
Coffee Hour #35 – December 10, 2020: Featured videos: Doug’s Big Platters, Delicate Finial in 1/4 Time. Doug’s 30-inch walnut platter sparks a wide-ranging discussion of gouges for woodturning. Spindle roughing gouge. Bowl gouge. Irish grind. Traditional Peter Child grind. 40-40 grind. Bob Stocksdale fingernail gouge. Glaser gouge-grinding jig. German fishtail skew chisel.
Coffee Hour #37 – December 24, 2020: Shop-made dust hood mounted on banjo; video cameras, closeups, and phone cams; box elder bowl without digs and scratches; Alan’s shop-made lathe upgrades; Barry’s interlocking rings and the LAW monthly challenge; Jim’s tray with four openings; Judy’s chatter work; Dave’s carved twists; Stephen’s carved gadrooning.
Coffee Hour #38 – December 31, 2020: What woodturning goodie did you receive, or buy for yourself, this holiday? Lots of links in this video as the turners discuss signing your work, branding the work, etching with a laser, big heavy scrapers, and very large bowl gouges. Plus special guest Dick Boak.
Coffee Hour #39 – January 7, 2021: Barry tests archival pens for signing your work under different finishes. Kai explores wire-brushing then tries dyes with liming wax. Looks good! Doug’s travel mug had a nasty catch with a scraper on the platform rest. What tool might have worked better? He chose a hollowing tool, Ray says try a negative-rake scraper.
Coffee Hour #40 – January 14, 2021: Kai shows how he turned a 12-inch pine sphere and introduces sphere-turning layout and jigs. Ernie explores various bowl-gouge grinds, along with how to sharpen and use each for best effect.