Please excuse the delay in posting these Coffee Hours. Due to personal situations, the content for these is still in process. Coffee Hour 190 can be found in the next series.

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #181 Dec 21, 2023

01:50 John Kelsey: Discussion about ‘do-dads’ to make as gifts, good places to get various hardware, and extended discussion about making such objects.
12:10 Don Smith: Ash and sycamore reindeer, and a segmented clock stand with discussion about prospective selling prices in the UK and USA.
22:16 Gerry Snelson: Smokers (Vicar and a lady).
26:36 Jim Duxbury: Shows his 20” lathe-mounted disc sander and table, highlighting the benefits over a stand-alone sander.
34:31 Jerry Lindberg: Caragana, spherical/finial, and pen blank ornaments.
36:29 John Ziegler: David Ellsworth class recap, with show and tell of pieces turned during the classes, plus cherry bowl and a mallet. Also, working with new laser to create various objects plus burning images and such into turned pieces.
43:03 Mike Brazeau: Clock holder.
44:15 Randy Smith: Announcement regarding Susquehanna Club being invited to demonstrate at the PA Farm Show.
47:26 Jim Bowman: Epoxy pouring using yogurt containers as well as PVC pipe, with ensuing conversation about epoxy molds.
57:31 Jim Duxbury: Laminated spatulas and bread knives.

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #182 – Not available

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #183 Jan 4, 2024

5:41 Ray Simmons: Vacuum systems discussion, including pressure calculations (Penn State Industries website), including description about airborne dust explosion incident Ray witnessed.
11:22 Mike Peace: Dux chuck use to make pendants, with ensuing conversation, including wood coloration and finishes.
22:35 Jeff Hankinson: Ornamental textured box using a metal lathe that Jeff adapted to create patterns. See Jeff’s YouTube channel for more on Jeff’s CNC machine also, in which he discussed Bill Ooms’ program…
30:29 Jim Bowman: Pizza cutter handles, including incorporating epoxy and Jim’s methodology for epoxy casting, as well as sourcing custom-fit pizza cutter bases.
37:41 Following Jim’s show and tell, an extended discussion regarding designing and sizing handles in general.
47:33 John Chalikian: Inlay questions and subsequent discussion.
51:42 Janet Collins: Follow-up to inlay discussion, including her article in April 2017 AAW magazine.
53:33 Randy Smith: Notice up upcoming PA Farm Show. Also, conversation following Randy’s attendance at Worldwide Woodturners’ Zoom meeting (making a cube from a round branch!).

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #184 Jan 11, 2024

3:02 John Kelsey: Introduces mentoring, subsequent extended conversation.
37:58 Mike Brazeau: Dux chuck and related tools discussion.
44:28 Gerry Snelson: Brewer/distiller German smoker and photos of one in action.
48:49 George Kuipers: Weed pot faceted and decorative shapes turned using a jig. Also referenced Art Liestman ( and therming.
51:30 Ron Sheehan: Discussion about the PA Farm Show.
52:38 Dave Delo: Large second-turned bowls, ‘free wood’ procurement including processing and subsequent first turnings of numerous pieces, plus coring tips.

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #185 Jan 18, 2024

8:16 John Kelsey: Cypress bowl with Osmo finish; Turned dust hose fittings; Shop reorganization, including new dust collector and setup, with ensuing – and extensive – Q&A regarding dust collection duct sizes, air velocity, etc.
37:24 Janet Collins: Velocity stack follow up to dust collection conversation.
39:48 Doug Svob: Air duct routing…
41:33 Bert Delisle: Sewing spindle-shaped urn for a friend with similar smaller memorial urns.
46:30 Jim Duxbury: Multi-center wall hangings, including Jim’s methodology.
55:26 Karl Brachwitz: 202-year-old sphere of western red cedar.
57:52 Jonathan Wilson: Large piece of white oak burl, seeking advice to optimize its yield, with several options offered by the participants.
1:07:56 Randy Smith: Recap of PA Farm Shop, including a poll sent to members seeking how to improve the exhibit, with extended conversation about demonstrators’ experiences and ideas; Small mahogany bowls.

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #186 – Not available

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #187 – Not available

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #188 – Not available

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #189 – Not available

Lancaster Woodturners coffee hour #190 – Feb 22, 2024