Woodturners Sphere Clinic January 29, 2021
John Uses the Lathe & Camera to Design and Model Deck Balusters
Barry’s Thread Cutting Jig (From Coffee Hour #42)
Doug’s Travel Cup Demo
Ted Thins His Stash
Ben Likes Walnut
Angelo Dries Wood Slowly
Bill’s Wood Stash
Gochnauer’s Wood Turning
Martin’s Wood Giveaway. Lancaster forester Martin Stolpe has superb wood to give away, watch the video and give him a call.
Ron’s Workshop and Woodturning Collection
Barry’s Spiraling Jig
Doug Power Sands Green-Turned Bowls
Turning A Delicate Finial
Wood Available at Kauffman’s Kitchens in New Holland
New LAW Meeting Space at Kauffman’s Kitchens in New Holland
Three Tops
Doug’s Big Platters
Keith’s Full 25 Minutes – Keith Always Returns A Piece
Dave’s Box Demo and PDF
MAWTS Lancaster Promo
Woodturning & other folk arts at Goschehoppen Folk Festival Perkiomenville PA Aug.2022
David Senecal slide show from coffee hour #121
Bill Tatkovski recreates Stephen Hogbin’s amazing eggcup woodturning coffee hour #113
John Kelsey sphericon boxes with magnets
Bruce Lamb Ladybug Coin Bank Project from Woodturners Coffee Hour #106
John Kelsey tetrahedron and sacred geometry with rare-earth magnets
Barry Price bandsaw circle jig
Folding four-bar linkage project and demo John Kelsey
Gerry Snelson Woodturned Nativity, Smokers, Nutcrackers & Puppets
When is a door not a door? when it’s a jar… video by John Kelsey