Coffee Hour 91: February 24, 2022 – Tool Storage Solutions Part 1
Coffee Hour 92: March 3, 2022 – Tool Storage Solutions Part 2
Stew Bremner’s apple root burl vessel was finished on work-holding apparatus that mounts a complex workpiece so freely it can be flood-coated with epoxy. You can see this process in action in a recent video by our friends at the Edmonton Woodturning Guild in Alberta, Canada.

Coffee Hour 93: March 10, 2022 – Epoxy & CNC
Stew Bremner Power-Arm Work-Holding Jig with an explanation of epoxy flood-coating.
Jim Duxbury CNC-Routed Blanks for Woodturning Projects with demo stool.
Coffee Hour 94: March 16, 2022 – Richard Raffan Live from Australia
Woodturner, teacher and writer Richard Raffan joins the Lancaster Woodturners Coffee Hour to discuss his long career, show slides of his older and more recent work, and take questions from our woodturning club. Richard is the best-selling author of the Taunton Press classic Turning Wood book and video, which has sold many thousands of copies worldwide and has been translated into several languages beyond English. Richard lives near Canberra, Australia, today.
Coffee Hour 95: March 24, 2022 – For more information on the CNC routed embellishment that Jeff Hankinson shared, please go to the YouTube channel of the Edmonton Woodturners Guild, and Hankinson’s own channel, EmbellishedTurnings.  

The hour began with polling the room to learn what other woodturning clubs are doing about hybrid meetings and video recordings, which is featured on the video; we’ve also appended the chat from the hour as most of it pertains to this topic. 

Enjoy, and please feel free to join us next week. You can drop us a note in the comments section of the site and we’ll send you an invitation.
Coffee Hour 96: March 31, 2022 – Featuring Michael Gibson’s amazing slideshow and Don Smith’s routed trellis bowl in lacewood.
Coffee Hour 97: April 7, 2022 – Another thought-provoking hour with amazing work shown. Don’t miss this one!
Coffee Hour 98: April 14, 2022 – Jacques Vesery, artist and sculptor, who this week gave us a generous 90-minute class on how he creates exquisite little sculptures that look like leaves, feathers, leather, metal and stone, but underneath the intricate carving and 25 or more layers of paint, they’re ordinary cherry wood. Thank you, Jacques Vesery for joining us on the Lancaster Woodturners Coffee Hour.
Coffee Hour 99: April 21, 2022 – Here’s the full hour video from Lancaster Woodturners Coffee Hour #99 – highlights include a discussion of Phi and the Golden Section Caliper and wrapping leather around a bowl.
Coffee Hour 100: April 28, 2022 – Here’s the full video from Lancaster Woodturners Coffee Hour #100! From John Kelsey – Club Treasurer, meeting administrator, Zoom operator and moderator extraordinaire: “Our weekly woodturners coffee hour passed a major milestone this week: #100 in the series that began during the 2020 pandemic lockdown. As moderator I’m hugely grateful for everyone’s ongoing attention and keen participation! Here’s the full hour video from Lancaster Woodturners Coffee Hour #100, on Zoom April 28 2022:”

The hour opened with Jeff Hankinson (Embellished Turnings on YouTube) demo of his 5-axis CNC router that can carve into the curved side of a turned form, followed by a good discussion, here’s the link:CNC 5th Axis demo:

This week was a lot of kind commentary and useful links in the Zoom chat, here it is in full:

09:44:29 From Norbert Ploetz to Everyone: Good morning everybody
09:59:24 From tim seiber to Everyone: Hello everyone, can’t stay today but wanted to thank everyone for their helpful suggestions last week. I have already used some. Tim Seiber
09:59:43 From Joanne Sauvageau to Everyone: Good morning!
10:01:03 From Kenny V to Everyone: Morning all
10:01:59 From Kenny V to Everyone: Congrats on episode 100, John, et al!
10:03:04 From Alan Miller to Everyone: 100 sessions is a great milestone. Thank you, John! (FYI – I also need to leave early today.)
10:03:54 From Robert Hodge to Everyone: Sounds like the holdfast vacuum
10:09:18 From Mike Peace to Everyone: I have to run to another meeting. Re: lathe upgrades, I did a recent YouTube review of my new Powermatic 3520c. Here is the link if anyone is interested.
10:14:04 From Sara Crill to Everyone: I have to run to another meeting but glad to be a part of this group and honored to say I attended the 100th meeting. It is a treasure what you have created here in this group.
10:28:55 From Jeff Hankinson, Barrhead, Alberta to Everyone: for the usual control program I use My YouTube Channel is Embellished Turnings for a few things I’ve been working on. Grblgru runs with GRBL controlled machines. For multiple axes I control the CNC with an Arduino 2560 running Grbl Mega 5X from GitHub.
10:36:57 From Jeff Hankinson, Barrhead, Alberta to John Kelsey – Lancaster Area Woodturners(Direct Message): If there are some of your members who want to have a focussed session on CNC I’m happy to participate. Sometimes they don’t want to speak up for fear of sounding stupid.
10:38:16 From David Campbell to Everyone: Have a great rest of your day everyone…….Bye for now
10:42:18 From Joanne Sauvageau-Gainford, Alberta to Everyone: Beautiful!
11:07:06 From Harvie Porter to Everyone: Gotta run. Thanks for another great session.
11:09:03 From Ken Vasko to Everyone: Thanks John another good one…. and for rare earth magnets,