Coffee Hour #51, April 1, 2021. We enjoyed hearing the Australian turning writer Mike Darlow explain his new book of projects, along with Mike’s views on many other subjects

Mike’s new book, Practical Woodturning Projects, is on Amazon, along with Ernie’s review, plus the volume he and John K both consider his best book: Woodturning Design.

Coffee Hour #52, April 8, 2021. We enjoyed an interesting and wide-ranging hour that includes a deep discussion of what features you might want in a lathe, and why.

Which lathe? discussion, trimmed from the hour video

Coffee Hour #53, April 15, 2021. A fine Coffee Hour this morning, after a full year of meeting every Thursday morning at 10. It was great to see how many original players are still in the game, and equally great to enjoy the newcomers to our group. A lot of people showed their stuff today, as you’ll see in the video, and if you stick to the end of the show you’ll see a real treat in Kathy’s bandstand mantel clock. See this terrific piece from a turner who’s been at it only one year! Happy Birthday, Coffee Hour!.

Coffee Hour #54, April 22, 2021. This week our coffee hour enjoyed a delicious visit with the world-famous wood artist David Ellsworth, AAW founding member #1. Lots of meat in the video!
Coffee Hour #55, April 29, 2021. This week was a mix of excellent thoughts, suggestions, and hints. Hosted by Doug and Ernie, with a separate clip of Barry setting up his new bandsaw. Enjoy!
Barry shows setting up his new bandsaw.
Coffee Hour #56, May 6, 2021. Excellent hour of constructive ideas and hints.
Coffee Hour #57, May 13, 2021: This week’s excellent coffee hour, which featured David Ellsworth on the art of developing natural-edge turned bowl, Dave Delo on his eccentric sphere jig, and Ernie Conover on new scroll chucks.

We’ve also broken out the Ellsworth section to post as its own standalone 30-minute video, above.

Coffee Hour #58, May 20, 2021: The Queen’s Gambit meets Lancaster Woodturners as Mike Peace talks about turning chess pieces. Not to be missed, this coffee hour! Checkmate!

Mike has several chess videos on his own site,

Here is a document he provided to help your chess project:

Coffee Hour #59, May 27, 2021: A terrific hour featuring Leo Doyle, an AAW original founder and a very inventive woodturner. Here’s the complete hour:

Here’s just the Leo Doyle segment:

Coffee Hour #60, June 3, 2021:This week we enjoyed our first hybrid coffee hour, with some members in the room and many more on Zoom. The room is our new meeting space at Kauffman Kitchens in New Holland PA. We test-drove our camera and microphone setup, then Barry demonstrated his helix-tracing and cutting jig, on a dummy lathe he built for the purpose.

Kai Koethe (from Coffee Hour) on cleaning pitch off bandsaw blades, and sharpening with great old equipment – you wouldn’t do this part at home. 24 mins.