David Ellworth’s Hollowing Tools

One of the favorites in the shop are hollowing tools made by David Ellsworth. Easily sharpened with a touch on the wheel, and very effective when used with a light touch – these are not material hogging tools – they give great results for the beginner to advanced turner.

Ellsworth first developed the use of bent tools in turning thin wall hollow forms in 1975. These tools are still made by David for turning hollow forms that measure up to 10″ x 10″ depending on the skill of the turner, and come in a straight or bent version. The straight is used for initial hollowing, followed by the bent tool to widen the cut out to the sides.

The replaceable tips are held in with medium superglue (viscosity 150 cPs, thickness similar to that of motor oil). Removing a tip requires heat, and a mapp gas torch works best. After heating (and softening the existing glue), pull the tip out. Use an awl or brad mounted in a wooden handle to scrape out all the old glue out of the pocket. Don’t breath the smoke, as burning CA is nasty!

The medium strength glue gives you enough time to put the new tip into the pre-loaded hole once you’ve sprayed the stub of the new tip with activator.

The instruction sheets for the tools are on our Owner’s Manual page under Resources. You can see more on the Ellsworth tools at Packard Woodworks.

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