Please Make a Wig Stand!

Turners, we’re looking to contribute as many wig stands as possible to the Barshinger Cancer Center early in April. We’ve included some guidelines below courtesy of the South Auckland, New Zealand Woodturners to help you get started. Note the importance of the proper finish to use, as wigs will often be stored damp or wet. We’ve read on a website that numerous dowel pins spaced around the top dome would be very helpful to keep the wig off the dome and allow it to dry more effectively – food for thought. Let Barry P. know when you’ve got your stand or stands finished and he’ll arrange pickup.

2 thoughts on “Please Make a Wig Stand!”

  1. I just saw the December 2021 UTube video. I enjoyed watching it. Where does a non member send a wig stand . I have been turning for about a year. I may try to make one. If successful I will need to have an address to send it.

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