Lee Valley Tools

As a regular attendee to the annual Woodworkers Show in Timonium (http://www.thewoodworkingshows.com/), I’m always amazed at the quality of Lee Valley’s tools. Lee Valley has had a prominent ‘booth’ at the show, one that is about 3 times larger than the other vendors. This provides plenty of browsing space and a chance to really check out their stock – every tool they have is out to pick up, try out, and ask questions about. It’s just really pleasant to see their very high quality products, mostly made in the US or Canada. No pressure to buy, just check it out. They trust you’ll be back…

So this weekend I surfed out to the Lee Valley site www.leevalley.com to see how things are there, and really enjoyed poking around. Check it out – window shopping is safe (keep your wallet in the other room), and the Discover area has some inspiring projects.

Send me your ideas for sites to check out as we’re on lockdown, and I’ll post them on a new page.

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