Zoom Meeting coming up –

Everyone should have received an email from John Kelsey regarding the use of Zoom on your desktop, laptop or tablet for our April Virtual Monthly Meeting. I use Zoom often for work and can testify to its effectiveness. John is offering assistance to help you set up your computer, so we encourage your working with him – once set up, it is pretty easy to use.

Note to all: there are two primary views available when using a laptop or desktop computer: Gallery and Speaker. These are not available with tablets or smartphones. Gallery will let you see all video participants in an equal-sized box – like the old Brady Bunch opening credits on steroids. Speaker mode will pop the person currently speaking into a large window. I did a family Zoom this past weekend with 16 locations around the country – and my parents in West Chester. With more than 90 people attending, you can imagine the chaos when everyone speaks. I know John will counsel this, but I’m underscoring: figure out how to mute your microphone before coming online with the meeting.

If you did not receive an email from John, please leave us a note here and we’ll make sure you get set up properly.

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