Wood Burning Handle & Tips

During February’s monthly meeting, we discussed briefly various tools, etc. as we wrapped up the meeting. I mentioned that I had picked up a pyrography pen that came with tips from Aliexpress. The link is below. My Detail Master Sabre uses a 1/4″ phone jack, which was an easy replacement from the jack that comes with the pen. The two pens that came with my burner have permanent tips, so I didn’t have the flexibility to make my own tips from nichrome wire or use tips purchased separately. I considered making my own pen(s) – there are a number of plans out there – but a quick scan of Aliexpress brought me to this link. It took approximately 10 days to get the handle, and I love it! The insulated handle does not get hot, and the variety of tips is great. I ordered another set of just tips, and may grab another pen or two.

1/Pcs Electrocautery Pen Pyrography Machine Handle Solder Tip 23/Pcs for Gourd,Plank,Leather,Bark|Electric Soldering Irons| – AliExpress

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