Lancaster Area Woodturner’s Coffee Hour, 9/10/20

Followup from last week when Ben K. told us about a saw service in Ephrata PA that will make up bandsaw blades to your specifications. They are: Martin’s Sharpening, 502 Glenwood Dr, Ephrata. Phone is our area code + 733-0511.

This morning Troy N. introduced the idea of making your own wood-burning equipment using a battery charger. This is pyrography, NOT fractal burning. Here’s the link to the diagrams and info for the Graeme Priddle style project:

Ernie Conover shared three PDF drawings on the basics of wood movement and shrinkage from a turner’s perspective. They can be found here: 

The coffee hours are a great way to share ideas, show off your latest work, tell some great shop-related anecdote or just spend some time away from the waste of time called ’24-hour news’. For more information on joining our coffee hour, please reach us through the Comments page and we’ll get back to you.

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