BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors Program

As an admitted Anglophile, I find the wood available across the United Kingdom to be endlessly interesting. As you move from standard English Walnut and Oak to the Downy Beech that grows in the Scottish Highlands, the variety is fantastic, and I wish was as available to us as the abundance we have in South Central Pennsylvania.

BBC Radio Scotland had a very interesting radio interview with a woodturner in Orkney – an area noted for their absence of trees. It is available to listen to for 30 days after the original airing, so this post will become obsolete in 27 days – on September 5. Hopefully, you see this post in time and enjoy a very worthwhile chat with a fellow woodturner and outdoorsman. Click below to see more details, and to further click into the broadcast player.

BBC Radio Scotland Out of Doors program – Michael Sinclair Woodturner (

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