Old Website

It has been reported that some folks, while Googling for this website’s URL, have been directed to the old LAW website. Note that the old website does not exist, and if you see that LAW home page, you are either looking at a version stored on your computer from a few years back or looking at an archived version that Google collected and stored. We have no control over the Google stored version, but you must clear your browser cache to avoid bringing in your stored version on your computer. Browsers store every web page you visit on your computer to make loading the next visit quicker.

Repeating here: we have no control or access over the old website content, so you should ignore what you see if you’re looking for current content and bookmark lancasterareawoodturners.org for easy access. But first – please clean your cache. It’s easy, and if you don’t do it regularly (I flush my cache multiple times daily), it will negatively impact the performance of your computer significantly.

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