The Restaurant Store, Lancaster

Might sound like an odd suggestion, but if you haven’t stopped by The Restaurant Store, 2209 Old Philadelphia Pike, Lancaster, you should make the trip. It is a gold mine of supplies that translate well into our woodturning shops, from paper towels & dispensers to squeeze bottles (for our homemade finishes) and so much more. Fixing one of my machines, I needed a piece of heavier gauge aluminum about 5″ square and was frustrated with the Big Orange or Big Blue selections. A quick stop at TRS and a couple dollars later and I had a thick pie pan that worked out excellently. You can see most of their inventory at

By the way, to avoid confusion, you will see two prices on the items. You do not have to be a member to buy anything there, but pay attention to the sale pricing – sometimes the sale price is only available for members.

TRS is right next to the Lancaster Archery Center on Philly Pike. Check it out! (Theses are my own opinions – I am not paid by The Restaurant Store…)

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