2023 Monthly Challenges

Here is the list of Club challenges for 2023. We chose these challenges to continue to stretch the skillset envelopes of all turners, so please do your best to join in the monthly fun!

  • January: Celebrate- Turn Bottle Stoppers, Bottle Openers, Goblets, or other items to celebrate the new year.
  • February: Jewelry- Create an object of wearable art.
  • March: Mallet Madness- Mallets are particularly useful shop-made tools for woodturners. Turn a mallet that you can use in your shop. Even better- Turn several and swap mallets with other members at our March Meeting.
  • April: Astronomy- Incorporate an astronomical theme in your turning.
  • May: Collaboration- Team up with another turner or turners to create an object that showcases each of your skills.
  • June: Procrastination- Finish turning a project that you’ve been putting off for far too long.
  • July: Return of the Flying Saucers! Turn a flying saucer/flying disc for our second annual disc throw competition at the club’s annual summer picnic.
  • August: Elements of Nature- Use a natural, non-wood item or items in your turning. Seed, leaves, feathers, shells, etc.
  • September: Second Chance- Give a second chance to a piece that may have otherwise gone into the fireplace.
  • October: Part of a Whole- Showcase a project where a turned item is just part of the object.
  • November: Natural Edges- Turn a piece of wood retaining the natural edge of the blank.
  • December: Illumination- Make something that incorporates light to brighten up the winter darkness.