Martin Saban-Smith, RPT

I encourage you to check out Martin Saban-Smith’s website and YouTube channel – last Saturday morning (6:30am) I watched his live demo in the comfort of my family room with a cup of coffee, the fire going in the fireplace, and YouTube on a 65″ smart TV. His live demos only last on YouTube for 7 days, but he’s doing a couple a week. His topics cover beginning to advanced, and his style is very helpful, informative and entertaining. You can see last week’s show here – it will expire Saturday, 3/28.

He takes questions via YouTube’s chat function, and is pretty timely on answering – unless it is a topic outside of the current demo being done. He will answer any deferred question at the end of the demo or during a break.

I asked him to expand on the RPT title – which stands for ‘Register of Professional Turners’. From the RPT site: ‘The Register is composed of turners who offer a service of professional quality to the public, and whose work, prior to admission, has been approved by competent assessors as being of good quality.’ I found this very interesting and wonder how we could establish such accreditation here in the States – through AAW perhaps? More on RPT is here:

You’ll know Martin from his Hampshire Sheen and York Grit products. His shop is in Hampshire, southwest of London.

Check Martin’s schedule of upcoming live demos here:

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